Janet Napolitano having been quoted, when confronted with protesters, as saying ‘Let’s go, we don’t have to listen to this crap’ was of course her failure as a civic, public representative in a vulgar attempt to shut up any kind of dialogue.* She was going to have it her way and approve a tuition increase regardless.

The UC system reports receiving $460 million less in funding than it did in 2007-8.† The problem here is the solution– easiest? fastest?– was assumed to be increase tuition. But education is a civic, public apparatus: not an individual conceit.

Concerning student debt, conservatives love to inveigh: It is a legal contract that was entered into; I worked my way through college; or even, I was in debt and managed to work my way out of it: it is possible. It’s possibility does not guarantee it’s morality. Disregarding the catalog of inflation, tuition hikes, minimum wage stagnations, etc., one person having suffered through an injustice and come out of it the other end does not make that injustice any less unjust.

The American university system is sick and needs to be put out of its misery.




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