In the age of the Kardashian, that the US elected a reality television personality shouldn’t sound so surprising – and what defines the t.v. personality is the vacuity of any personality. It did after all 3 and a half decades ago get the ball rolling when it elected a B-movie actor. This is what passes for progress in America. In electing Trump, the electorate rejected the notion of the ‘possible’. That is, it signaled the virtualization of politics in America. What political identity could one ascribe to Trump? Reviled by the left inasmuch as he claimed to be their friend, and rejected as he was by Republican leaders – Trump who said of Republicans ‘They’re the dumbest group of voters in the country. They love anything on Fox News. I could lie and they’d still eat it up.’ This virtuality, an inability to predicate to him a predictable ideology which would govern his acts, is the truth in his ghostwriter calling him a ‘sociopath’. The fear in electing Trump is a fear of the virtual. But the virtual was already fully real.

That a real experience should follow then. The Left would need to wrench this out, would need become the far-left they disavowed and lost during the nomination campaign. The announcement of Hillary as the nominee was the death knell of the unimaginative for the Democratic Party. We should not forget here that Hillary was not by rights the Democratic people’s nominee; that choice was taken away from them by figures like Wasserman Schultz.


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