Senator Mitch McConnell,
One has arrived at a time in US history in which the truth is slanderous. That in itself is damning for your party. It would not be necessary to impute to another senator conducting unbecoming a senator had a senator conducted himself senatorially.
You and your party have silenced the words of Coretta Scott King. For the brief time you and your party will possess majority power, you may set US democracy back years, but you will not white-wash US history. Your censoring only ensured that her words would be repeated on Facebook, on Twitter, on CNN, etc. Now all those listening will know  of how he prosecuted Martin Luther King Jr.’s erstwhile aide for voter fraud, of Senator Sessions’ nomination to the district court in 1986, of how four DOJ lawyers testified that he had made racially-offensive remarks admitting to calling the KKK ‘okay’, and finally how that nomination failed when two Republican senators split the party line and voted against the nominee.
In almost the past three decades, the US has not learned from its history. But it will now.

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